Excursions From Fes

If we had to visit only one city of Morocco, our choice would fall on Fez for its architectural wealth, the fascinating medina, the magnificent monuments, as well as for its history that make Fez the cultural, religious capital of the country. First we will cross the Jewish district of Mellah, stopping in front of the Royal Building.

We will enter the medieval city through the monumental door Bab Bou Jeloud, decorated with maioliche enameled resplendent to the sun, we will find ourselves absorbed in a world where life stirs to rhythms by now unknown: the artisans work with skill using original tools, the women cook the bread in the public oven, the weavers they work on looms following gestures consolidated by a secular tradition, the donkeys, the only means of transport permitted inside the medina, commodities of every type are bought and sold. We will visit the Medersa Bouanania, wanted by the sultan Abou Inan, whose courtyard is marvelously realized in marble and onyx. A lunch of typical Moroccan dishes will be served inside the Mnebhi building , one of the more refined buildings of the Medina, from whose terrace we can admire the surrounding panorama. (not included)

We will continue the visit with a walk through a labyrinth of alleys of the Medina, place of thousand discoveries and feelings, where every zone entertains a different guild of artisans: the souk Attarine, entirely devoted to the spices, the souk Nejarine, devoted to the carpenters, Place Seffarine, populated with blacksmiths shops, the dyers’ souk where skins are hung to dry in the sun. We will explore together with our guide the most fascinating souk of Fez. From a panoramic terrace we will see the extraordinary job and tradition of dying of the skins in the great tubs. We will pass in front of the Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss, founder of the millennial city of Fez, a place revered by the Moslems. Through the richly decorated principal wooden door, we can glimpse the room of prayer, with his/her innumerable chandeliers and an amazing collection of clocks, among which two splendid clocks given by Luigi XIV. We will pass close to the Mosque Kairouyine, founded in the destination’ of the IX century, also centre of a famous university’ defined as the most ancient in the world. The building is closed to the non Moslems, but from it’s numerous doors we can glimpse some of the precious treasures.

We will leave the medieval city passing the fortitude Saadita of Borj Nord, here we have a photo opportunity to capture the
whole and mysterious Medina before going back to the hotel.

Upon leaving Fes, the tour moves on to Rabat. The tour of Rabat includes an external view of the Royal Palace, a splendid imitation of the highest examples of Islamic architecture; Mechouar, the mausoleum of Mohammed V; and the Hassan Tower. At the end of the tour a walk through the Kasbah of the Oudayas. Back to the hotel.

Volubilis (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is home to the largest and most well-preserved Roman ruins in Morocco. With its triumphal arches and basilicas, the skyline is peppered with examples of Roman architecture.

However, the greatest treasures of Volubilis are the superb mosaic floors, which have been excellently preserved and left in situ. Three outstanding examples include Orpheus charming animals with his lyre, nine dolphins signifying good luck and a portrait of Amphitrite in a chariot.

In Meknes, the impressive monuments recall the splendour of a city first built in the 17th century by the powerful sultan Moulay Ismail to rival the court of his contemporary, Louis XIV of France.

During your visit to Meknes you will see the monumental Bab Mansour gateway, considered to be one of the finest of the great gates of Morocco, the Granaries and the Royal Stables, which were built to accommodate some 12,000 horses. You may also see Moulay Ismail’s Mausoleum, one of the few shrines in Morocco that can be visited by non-Muslims.

Drive back to Fes,

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